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What is Botany?

The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at OSU focuses "on fundamental aspects of plant biology; plant health, plant function, plant-microbe and plant-insect interactions, genomics, evolution, and ecology."

According to the University of Oklahoma, "botany is the scientific study of plants - how plants function, what they look like, how they are related to each other, where they grow, how people make use of plants, and how plants evolved. Botany often includes the study of algae, may deal with fungi and bacteria, and usually explores the lives of plants, from tiny floating duck weeds to gigantic redwood trees. Plants are essential to the lives of humans, providing all out food - either directly or indirectly - as well as the oxygen we breathe... Plants are the foundation of all terrestrial communities, and they dramatically affect the world's climate, the global cycles of nutrients and water, as well as the lives of animals every day."

Botany - What Can I Do with This Degree? pdf - lists the industry areas, employers, and strategies for using your degree.

Related Careers

Agricultural Commodity Grader Ethnobotanist Pharmaceutical Researcher/Developer
Agriculture and Food Scientist Florist Physician
Agronomist Forensic Scientist Plant Biochemist
Biological Photographer Forester Plant Molecular Biologist
Biological Researcher Geneticist Plant Morphologist
Biotechnologist High School Biology Teacher Plant Physiologist
Biotechnology Specialist Horticulturist Plant Quarantine Officer
Botanist International Development Specialist Science Writer
Commercial Greenhouse Owner Lab Technician Scientist
Conservation Biologist Land Use Planner Soil Specialist
Conservation Botanist Landscape Management & Design Consultant US Department of Natural Resources Employee
Conservation/Environmental Organization Worker Marine/Freshwater Biologist State/County Health Department Official
County Agricultural Agent Molecular Biologist State Park Naturalist
Curator of Horticulture National Forestry/Conservation Association Staff Technical Writer
Ecologist National Park Service Employee Tissue Culture Specialist
Economic Botanist Outdoor Educator US Forest Service Botanist/Ecologist
Educational Production Manager Paleobotanist Water Quality Technician
Environmental Consultant Park Service Employee Wetland Ecologist
Environmental Educator Peace Corps Volunteer Wholesale Florist Purchaser
Environmental Impact Specialist    

Related Skills

Communication (Oral & Written) Problem Solving
Conduct Field Work/Experiments Project Design
Enjoy the Outdoors/Plants Testing/Hypothesis
Gathering & Analyzing Data Understanding of Computers and Equipment
Maintaining Records/Data Work Well with Others
Presentation Skills Writing Grant Proposals

Job & Internship Search Links

USAJobs.gov - check out the Students and Recent Grads section and the Federal Jobs by College Major for a listing of job titles related to your major.


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Career Planning Links

Occupational Outlook Handbook - the following links also provide a summary of the career, what they do, the work environment, how to become one, the job outlook, similar occupations and contacts for more information.

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Plant Pathology Online - is a professional, scientific organization dedicated to the study and control of plant diseases, that has lots of career and education information and news.

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Major: Botany

Professional Association Links

The Botanical Society of America - a site filled with botany news, career information and jobs.

American Society of Plant Biologists

American Society of Plant Taxonomists

American Society for Horticultural Sciences

American Institute of Biological Sciences

The Student Conservation Association

US Department of Energy

Miscellaneous Links


American Journal of Botany

Annals of Botany

Botany News

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