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What is Nursing?

According to UNCW, "Nursing is a discipline focused on assisting individuals, families and communities in attaining, re-attaining and maintaining optimal health and functioning. Modern definitions of nursing define it as a science and an art that focuses on quality of life as defined by persons and families. Nursing is not only concerned about health and functioning but with quality of living and dying, lived experience, and universal lived experiences of health.

"Nursing is an applied science which has a unique body of knowledge that utilizes principles from the physical, biological, and behavioral sciences. The central concern of nursing is the holistic person. The focus of nursing is health promotion, maintenance, curative, restorative, supportive and terminal care to individuals and groups of all ages, taking into consideration the factors that influence them in the total environment."

Nursing - What Can I Do with This Degree? pdf - lists the industry areas, employers, and strategies for using your degree.

Related Careers

Acute Care Developmental Disabilities Occupational Health
Administrator of Nursing Services Diabetes Nursing Oncology
Administrator of Educational Programs Emgergency Surgical Nurse Pediatric Nurse
Adolescent Nurse Specialist Family Nursing Psychosocial Nursing
Adult Health Care Gerontology Public Health Nurse
Ambulatory Care Hospital Administrator Pulmonary Nurse
Anesthesia Maternity Nursing Rehabilitation Nurse
Cardiovascular Mental Health Respiratory Nurse
College/University Faculty Mental Health Ethnic Specialist School Health
Community Health Midwife Spinal Cord Injury Nurse
Community/Mental Health Neonatal Nurse Staff Development/Educator
Correctional Health Neurological Nurse Trans-cultural Nursing
Critical Care Nurse Researcher Trama Nursing
Delivery of Services- Staff Development Nursing Health Policy  

Related Skills

Able to Instruct Others Critical Thinking Monitoring
Active Listening Dependability Oral/Written Communication & Comprehension
Adaptability/Flexibility Independent Social Perceptiveness
Attention to Detail Initiative Stress Tolerance
Concern for Others Integrity Time Management

Job & Internship Search Links

USAJobs.gov - check out the Students and Recent Grads section and the Federal Jobs by College Major for a listing of job titles related to your major.

Medical and Public Health Jobs with the Federal Government - Find job listings witin the Federal Government, each job posting has a profile with salary range, location, job summary and duties.

Nursing Recruiters

Nursing Recruitment & Staffing

Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Assignments - free career resource for nurses researching career opportunities and searching for positions in travel nursing.

All Health Jobs

Health Careers

RN Job Opportunities

Nursing Jobs

Healthcare Jobs

Medical Staffing

Medical Workers

Nurse Recruiter

Healthcare Recruitment


HHS Careers

Tenet Health Jobs

Wallace Medical Concern

Career Planning Links

Occupational Outlook Handbook -  the following links also provide a summary of the career, what they do, the work environment, how to become one, the job outlook, similar occupations and contacts for more information.

Explore Careers in Life Sciences

What Can I do with a Major in Nursing?

Nursing Explorer - This website offers information for students who are interested in learning more about different types of nursing programs, general admission requirements of each degree type,how long they take, how much they cost and a lot more.

Discover Nursing - Learn nursing statistics, view benefits and salaries, search for education programs and scholarships and find jobs

Nursing Schools - Find a full list of accredited nursing schools and learn about nursing careers

NursingLicensure.org - This website has simplified researching how to become a nurse in each state by organizing the nursing licensure requirements in each state for Registered Nursing and Practical Nursing. Students are directed to the appropriate locations they are looking for most efficiently, such as license applications, education requirements, nursing license compact agreements, scholarship resources and professional organizations. Students will also find the most recent news in the world of nursing updated daily.

Nursing Career Profiles from Nurse Week - Job profiles provided for nursing positions, nursing specialties, and career alternatives. Then once you decide what type of job you want look at job listings

Explore Health Careers - This career explorer provides everything you will ever need to know about a variety of health careers

Best Nursing Degree- Become an RN - Learn about education, the job hunt, and on the the job information for nursing careers

Nursing Careers - A great site to find up to date nursing news, take courses and find jobs

Nursing Career Center

Nursing Community

Choose Nursing

Careers in Nursing

Nursing Career Resource Center


Top Registered Nursing Careers - learn about what RNs do!

FindCNAClasses.com - information about CNA classes, CNA Classes online, CNA training, CNA Certification, and even CNA test and practice test questions.

CNA Classes

Professional Association Links

Nursing Society - Through this society you can contact a career advisor, utilize a career map to discover resources for choosing a nursing career, and search for nursing, faculty, administrative or research jobs.

American Nurses Association - the ANA has plenty of career infomation to help further professional development, recieve career advice or even find a job.

American Association for Colleges of Nursing

Honor Society of Nursing

National Federation of Liscensed Practical Nurses

National League for Nursing

Miscellaneous Links


Nursing Scholarships

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